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Bernard Ratzer

Ratzer is responsible for one of the most highly appreciated and instantly recognizable maps and plans of New York ever seen. His map, although heavily influenced by an earlier map of New York by John Montresor ,is a combination of artistry and detail rarely found in maps of the time.

Like many of his surveyor contemporaries Bernard Ratzer was, during the war of Independence, attached to His Majesty’s 60th Royal American regiment and he was engaged in surveying and map making principally around the New York region. A good deal of this particular work was completed with Claude Sauthier.

Prior to 1775 Ratzer had been engaged on surveying the North American coastline along possibly as part of Samuel Holland’s team of surveyors.

Associated Charts and Maps: A201, A202.

Ref: A201

The Ratzer Map of the City of New York in North America with a South West view of the city

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Ref: A202

New York 1776 showing the East River, part of Hudson River and adjacent country with military dispositions shown

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