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Charles Blaskowitz

Blaskowitz is amongst the better known of Samuel Holland’s team, between 1664 and 1775. With the outbreak of war in 1776 he developed into the preeminent surveyor of the British campaign.

Prior to the start of the War of Independence in 1776 Blaskowitz was amongst the better known of Samuel Holland's team of surveyors, including messrs; Grant, Wheeler, Sproule, Holland and Grant who worked up and down the North eastern coast of North America producing surveys for the Lords of the Board of Trade. Those suveys subsequently formed the basis of J.F.W. Des Barres' folios of the Atlantic Neptune published between 1777 and 1781. In addition, like many of his contemporaries a good deal of his work was privately printed by William Faden the London publisher.

He is probably best known for the work he carried out in the Rhode Island region where he completed a number of surveys intended to inform the British as to the suitability of Newport as a naval base. One of these surveys for the British Admiralty, completed about 1770. was famously redrawn by the surveyor to fulfill a private commission for the local landowners and farmers of Rhode Island showing land boundaries and place names add. The map was later published by Faden in 1777.  He returned to the area in 1774 where he was teamed with Thomas Wheeler on further surveys of the area.

With the commencement of hostilities in the Battle for New York in September 1776, Blaskowitz quickly became the preeminent surveyor of the British command. His survey work in and around New York set a new standard of excellence and was used at the highest level. After New York he followed the army down through Philadelphia down to Charleston. In 1782 he was sent to Halifax. He worked for Clinton, Howe and Carleton. To this day much of his vital work goes unattributed, including the his masterful survey of New York from Brooklyn to Kingsbridge which is clearly the survey used in the creation of the well known, and inferior British 'Headquarters Map'.

Like a number of his fellow surveyors, including Samuel Holland, Blaskowitz was aligned to the regiment of Guides and Pioneers once hostilities had broken out between the Americans and the British in 1775. He attained the rank of Captain and was responsible for a number of surveys and sketches depicting military actions and engagements around the New York area in between 1776 and 1777.

After the war ended Blaskowitz was decommissioned but he returned to duty in 1812 as a Captain (half pay) in the Royal Newfoundland Fencibles regiment. He married his wife, Ann on the 10th of March 1812. He died at Lambeth, England, on the 4th August 1823.

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Plan of the Town of Newport (uncolored)

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A chart of the harbour of Rhode Island and Narraganset Bay

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A plan of Rhode Island with the country and islands adjacent including a plan of the Town of Newport

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A plan of Piscataqua Harbour, with its branch of the Town of Portsmouth

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