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Laurie's Chart of The Bermuda or Somers' Islands

This is a late edition of Laurie's map of Bermuda or the Somer Islands as they were also known

Chart Information
Reference: A601
Date 1863
Hydrographer/Surveyor/Artist: Alex. G. Findlay for Laurie
Size Of Original: w 34.5" x h 27.5"
Paper Type Omnijet Superior Matt Graphic 180gsm

Further Information

This is a very good example of a map or chart which was compiled by a London publishing house utilising information from existing surveys.  This edition of the chart was released by the Laurie publishing house in 1863 but Findlay, the map maker, draws heavily on earlier editions of Lampriere's original survey of the Bermudas which had originally been  completed in 1738, and was in itself a major advance on the earlier 17th century Dutch charts of the island.  Findlay also makes full use of the definitive Bermuda surveys of Lt. Thomas Hurd and his associates between 1888 and 1897 (see A603a & A603b) as well as the 1827 Admiralty publication of Hurd's work (see A607).

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Laurie's Chart of The Bermuda or Somers' Islands
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