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Bermuda: Wells Anchorage

An unattributed chart showing soundings north of the Pembroke coast of Bermuda

Chart Information
Reference: A604
Date 1817
Hydrographer/Surveyor/Artist: Unknown
Size Of Original: w 17.5" x h 11"
Paper Type Hahnemuhle German Etching 310gsm

Further Information

This charming survey was made at a time when the British were starting to develop Bermuda as part of a master-plan to relocate their existing base of operations for the Royal Navy from Halifax Nova Scotia.  Having already lost her 13 mainland colonies to the Americans in 1782 as a result of the Revolutionary war, Britain was left with her hugely valuable Caribbean colonies to the south.  Bermuda was the perfect location from which to protect the trade lines from the Americans and other enemies.

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Bermuda: Wells Anchorage
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