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Map of the Harbour of Nassau in the Island of New-Providence

With the Islands Contiguous thereto by Order of the General Assembly of the Bahamas

Chart Information
Reference: A501
Date 1788
Hydrographer/Surveyor/Artist: Captain Andrew Skinner
Size Of Original: w 49" x h 24"
Paper Type Innova Smooth Cotton 315gsm

Further Information

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This delightful manuscript plan of the town of Nassau, capital town of the Bahamas was drawn at a time when the Bahamas had just started to establish itself as the principle commercial and political center of the Island group with strong links to mainland America. Nassau had in the twenty or so years prior to this map had a colorful history which had seen it invaded, destroyed and rebuilt by Spanish, Dutch, Americans and of course British.

In 1776 it was invaded by the Americans and in 1778 the British forced them out. As late as 1782 the Spanish invaded and were famously, the following year, forced-out again by an American loyalist called Andrew Deveaux without so much as a shot being fired. The map was drawn, by Andrew Skinner, who simultaneously produced a major census of the town which lists all proprietors of lots and residences in the town, now held by the Bahamian National Archives. Deveaux is not, by the way, listed amongst the residents in 1788.

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Map of the Harbour of Nassau in the Island of New-Providence
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