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Bay of Al Katiff in Saudi Arabia

A beautiful, previously unpublished, manuscript survey in the hand of the Surveyor Lieut. R Watson

Chart Information
Reference: A717
Date Undated (c1820)
Hydrographer/Surveyor/Artist: Lieutenant R Watson
Size Of Original: w 57cm x h 46.5
Paper Type German Hahnemuhle Etching Paper 310gms (original size)

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w57 x h46.5


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The hydrography shows sandbanks, rocks and shoals, as well as the soundings across the mouth of the bay and in towards Saihaur.  Anchorages are indicated close to Rasmorah Point and Damaun. On the mainland a number of places of interest are clearly marked: Rasmorah Point (now Ras Tanurah), Cockle Point, Katiff Fort (now Al Qatif), Saihaur fort (now Saihat) and Damaun (now Dammam). There is also some limited topography including Sugar Loaf, inland of Damaun, which appears to be an area of high land and possibly an oasis (possibly Al Akra Lake). The Island of Tarroot (now Tarout) is shown as a place that is well fortified by three forts: one central and two smaller at either end of the island. Vegetation is shown along the Katiff Fort stretch of coastline and on Tarroot Island. The scale of this plan is 1 inch to 2 miles.

Bay of Al Katiff in Saudi Arabia
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