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A Plan of York (now Toronto), Lake Ontario

Lieutenant Henry Wolsey Bayfield, under the Direction of Captain W F W Owen

Chart Information
Reference: A911
Date 1794
Hydrographer/Surveyor/Artist: Lieutenant Henry Bayfield
Size Of Original: w 30" x h 26.5"
Paper Type German Hahnemuhle Etching Paper 310gms (original size)

Further Information

This plan was made by Lieutenant Henry Wosley Bayfield. It was done at a time when York was establishing itself as the provincial Capital of Upper Canada. It has been so since John Grave Simcoe, the then Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada had made the decision to relocate the capital from Niagra back in the late 1790s.

York’s location was ideal, close to the hinterland of Upper Canada with its commerce based in the timber and fur trades and land development, with a waterway system through the lakes direct to the major cities of Montreal and Ottowa.

After the war with the Americans in 1812-14, when the town had been sacked, it was, by 1817 rapidly establishing an infrastructure based on a grid system which is clearly evident from Bayfield’s plan.

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A Plan of York (now Toronto), Lake Ontario
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