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A Chart of the Island of Zanzabar [Zanzibar]

A simple little survey of the Island of Zanzibar showing the trackof ships and some settlements

Chart Information
Reference: U100
Date 1814
Hydrographer/Surveyor/Artist: Commander James Tomkinson
Size Of Original: w73cm x w54cm (w31.5" x h24")
Paper Type

Further Information

This simple Survey shows coastline, hydrography, ships tracks, settlements, sight lines and remarks. It Includes illustrations of vessels and is brightly coloured. A clue as to the date of the survey lies in the paper it is drawn on which is watermarked: 'Edmeads & Pine 1804'.

The survey contains Latitude indicated; north point (orientation to east) with compass indicator; no scale shown.

The author of the Survey is Commander James Tomkinson of HMS Caledon. This is endorsed (in pencil) on the charts itself: 'Captain Thomkinson's Chart', 'Schomberg good for Nothing'; This note is thought to be the hand of Captain Thomas Hurd, the first Hydrographer of the Navy, who commented on the 10th May 1814 (ADM 346 Remark Books) that Mr Schomberg was indeed 'no use', presumably as a surveyor! The unfortunate Schomberg was attached to HMS Nisus at the time.

The survey has clearly been 'repaired' at some time in the past few years with sellotape, but is otherwise in reasonable condition.

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A Chart of the Island of Zanzabar [Zanzibar]
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