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A Chart of Part of New Zealand (North Island)


Chart Information
Reference: NZ100N
Date 1770
Hydrographer/Surveyor/Artist: James Cook
Size Of Original: w38.6" x h47.5"
Paper Type Cotton Rag

Further Information

The full title of this beautiful chart, reads 'A Chart of part of New Zealand or the Island of AEHEINOMOUWE lying in the South Sea by Lieutenant J. Cook Commander of His Majestey's Bark The Endeavour. 1770.
 It was produced by Cook on his return from this first voyage to the southern seas in 1768-71.

It is the accumulation of dozens of surveys made over the course of six months by both himself and members and his crew aboard the Endeavour. Ideally it should be studied alongside his journals which give a wonderful insight into the experiences and thoughts behind the voyage. It is one of two such charts, the other showing the South island, part of which is included here. 

In an age of discovery it was common practice among British surveyors to give English names to settlements, islands, rivers, harbors and other navigable features. For Cook to retain the native Maori name 'AEHEINOMOUWE' for this, the North Island, is a clear mark of respect shown by him. It remains however one of less than half a dozen such reference to indigenous culture included. He does the same on his chart of the South Island (NZ100S).

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A Chart of Part of New Zealand (North Island)
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