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A Chart of Poverty Bay, New Zealand

A British survey of the Poverty Bay or Turonga from 1853

Chart Information
Reference: NZ103
Date 1853
Hydrographer/Surveyor/Artist: Commander Byron Drury
Size Of Original: w32" x h28"
Paper Type Cotton Rag

Further Information

This detailed chart of Poverty Bay or 'Turonga' covers the stretch of coastline from the cliffs and highland above what is now Makorori Beach, just to the North, down to Young Nicks Head at the southern most entrance to the Poverty Bay, or Tūranganui-ā-kiwa as is it’s native name.

Scale, longitude (along with a correction and magnetic variation) and latitude are shown on the chart. The chart offers clear indication of highlands, with height in feet on many peeks. other geographic information included are rivers, sandbanks, a Mission station, a village, both a deserted ‘Pa’ (fortified village) and one on the River Turongra Nui which was in use. Swamp and land covered with lush green vegetation are also shown.

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A Chart of Poverty Bay, New Zealand
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