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A Plan of the Siege & Surrender of Charlestown in 1780

A Plan of the Siege & Surrender of Charlestown... to His Majesty's Fleet and Army... May 12th. 1780. Surveyed during and after the Siege by Charles Blaskowitz, Capt. Guides & Pioneers

Chart Information
Reference: A313
Date 12th may 1780
Hydrographer/Surveyor/Artist: Charles Blaskowitz
Size Of Original: w32.3" x h35.5"
Paper Type Cotton Rag

Further Information

Blaskowitz's plan of Charleston is dated the 12th May 1780 but includes information surveyed in the weeks and days before the surrender of the American troops under Major General Benjamin Lincoln. In fact the British siege, under General Henry Clinton started on the 1st of April and Blaskowitz was likely present from the outset.

This plan of the siege is interesting for the fact that is shows no troop positions, on either side, unlike other 'plans' produced at and after the event by the likes of Lieutenant Patrick Finnegan, JFW Des Barres, and William Faden. The plan does show a great deal of detail however including British redoubt and batteries including the 1st, 2nd and 3rd parallels just north of the American 'Horn works' or defences (marked 'D'). It is more than likely that Blaskowitz was working directly for Sir Henry Clinton at the time but he is careful to acknowledge the importance of the leading Naval commander at the engagement, Vice Admiral Mariot Arbuthnot.

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A Plan of the Siege & Surrender of Charlestown in 1780
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