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Fine Art Reproductions of Historical Maps & Charts

Welcome to our Collections

Our main collection focuses on North America and dates from just after the Treaty of Paris of 1763, which marked the end of the French/Indian war for control of Canada. The maps, charts, plans and surveys presented here represent British map and charts making at its pinnacle and they formed the basis of all future map-making.

Accompanying our North American collection are charts of the Bahamas, Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands which have been so important to both the United States and Great Britain over the years, not least in times of war.

The Canada and the Great Lakes collection includes historic, original surveys of all of the Great Lakes completed by Henry Bayfield, William FitzWilliam Owen and Josheph Bouchette

We have a near complete collection of Honourable East India Company surveys and charts of the Persian or Arabian Gulf and the states which form that region. All the work of Maughan, Bartholomew, Guy, Brucks, Constable, Stiffe and Bateman.

We also have a small, but impressive, collection of Captain James Cook surveys completed on his voyages to New Zealand.

We are currently researching and reproducing rare and spectacular surveys, maps and plans of China and Beijing/Peking in particular.  

We do have some charts and maps from around the UK but as we are a British Company and live here, we have only a few as our focus has always been over the horizon...

Welcome to our world.. 


Heritage Charts offer high quality giclée reproductions which are printed on fine-art papers using the best Epson Ultra-Chrome and K3 inks. For each map/chart we show the original size that the map/chart was drawn at, and in some cases these can be very large images.  All prints can be purchased at the original size but we are able to print to size-order (usually at half, quarter and eighth of the original area size). Please be aware that the more the map/chart is reduced in size, the greater the chance that some finer details on the map/chart may be lost (such as place names or soundings).  In some cases we can offer larger images than the original - if for instance the original map/chart is quite small and your wall space permits.  

If you have any special sizing or print requirements, please ask us.  We will be happy to advise and quote for your individual requirements.