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Fine Art Reproductions of Historical Maps & Charts

Maps and Charts


This collection of charts includes some of the most significant maps and charts of the
Bermuda Islands ever produced.

Having lost her mainland American colonies, Britain was desperate to maintain a post
in the mid-Atlantic which would be the gateway to both the Caribbean and mainland America.
From 1776 onward, Bermuda played this role. The maps and charts here include a mix of
published and previously unseen surveys of the Bermuda coastlines and include the colossal
Thomas Hurd survey of 1788-1797.

Ref: A600

The Bermudas or Summer's Islands

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Ref: A601

Laurie's Chart of The Bermuda or Somers' Islands

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Ref: A603a

Bermuda West by Thomas Hurd

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Ref: A603b

Bermuda East by Thomas Hurd

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Ref: A602

The Bermudas

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Ref: A604

Bermuda: Wells Anchorage

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Ref: A605

Bermuda: Great Sound

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Ref: A606

Bermuda: Spanish Point to Bailys Bay

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Ref: A607

The Bermuda Islands from the survey of Thomes Hurd

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