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The Charleston Library Society

The Jewel in the Crown of Historic Charleston, SC

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Founded in 1748 the Library is the South’s oldest cultural organization and home to one of America’s most complete historic literary colections.  It also houses one of the country’s most historic map collections, including a 4 volume set of J.F.W. Des Barres’s ‘Atlantic Neptune’.

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The Atlantic Neptune

Three of the four volumes owned by the Charleston Library Society

Since February 2012 Heritage Charts has been working closely with the Society to help catalogue and record the Atlantic Neptune volumes, some of which are in need of conservation.  Although the Library now employs the most uptodate storage for all of its collection of books and maps, inevitably material dating back to the 17th century has suffered at the hands of time.  The society, ever aware of its obligation to the heritage in its possession, has for some time been engaged upon a conservation scheme generously supported and funded by the Society’s members.  It is a monumental on-going task which is already reaping the benefits of the care and interest the members.

Broken spine

The Library’s volumes of the Atlantic Neptune are in need of rebinding and conservation, the magnificent maps, charts and plans within the volumes pages cannot, presently, be safely or easily be displayed.

Vol. 1, Page 6.

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The Society, under the direction of President Stephen Gates and Executive Director Anne Cleveland, as well as the Officers and Board of Trustees take a simple approach;  Act now and future generations will be able to enjoy these magnificent books and documents which are such an important part of American cultural history.

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