New – Chart of Block Island, Gardner Island, Fisher Island Sound c1813.

Updated: 2 days ago

After much ‘ear-bashing’ at both the New York and New England Boat shows earlier this year, for not having a chart of Long Island Sound and Block, Gardner and Fisher Islands in particular, Heritage Charts are delighted to be able to unveil this unique and historic chart of the Anglo-American war of 1812 -1815. 

The chart is on first appearance very simple, almost unfinished but it includes some fascinating detail and remarks…

Isn’t it just so reassuring that it’s not just yacht club members who hit things and run aground!

The chart tells the story of the British blockade of Long Island Sound during 1813 prior to the subsequent bombardment of the town of Stonnington by four British warships commanded by Sir Thomas Hardy (previously Nelson’s Flag Captain on board the HMS Victory at the battle of Trafalgar and recipient of the famous request; “Kiss me Hardy!”).

And just for the lady who bent my ear the most at the NY boat show… here’s a snippet of Block Island from the chart….

…. Where, in 1699 Captain Kidd is reputed to have spent a month prior to his capture in Boston.

…. Also where the British fleet (reputedly) did their laundry in 1812

Note the 74 gun, ship of the line HMS Ramillies (1763-1850), which appears on the main chart, at anchor,  no less than 6 times.

This chart will be published in full on the main Heritage Charts web-site: shortly, along with a full history.

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