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Here at Heritage Charts we specialise in original survey material, drawn in the hand of the men who completed the surveys, before they were sent for publication by the London publishing houses.

Our main collection focuses on North America and dates from just after the Treaty of Paris of 1763, which marked the end of the French/Indian war for control of Canada. The maps, charts, plans, and surveys presented here represent British map and chart making at its pinnacle and formed the basis of all future map-making. The collection includes surveys which were published by J. F. W. Des Barres for inclusion in the Atlantic Neptune as well as those made by Samuel Holland and his team. It also includes original surveys and charts of Canada and the Great Lakes. 

The World Collection includes surveys and charts of the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Caribbean Islands which have been so important to both the United States and Great Britain over the years, not least in times of war between the two countries.​

​We also have a small, but impressive, collection of Captain James Cook surveys completed on his voyages to New Zealand along with a few maps and plans of China and Beijing from the time of the Boxer rebellions.

Finally, there are some charts and maps from around the UK but as we are a British Company and live here, we have only a few as our focus has always been over the horizon...

Also included in the World Collection are a significant number of Honourable East India Company surveys and charts of the Arabian (and Persian) Gulf along the states which form that region. This collection is quite unique as it contains charts which are labelled as either 'Arabian' or 'Persian' (as the region was known at the time).

About the Maps AND Charts

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