Anyone for some very rare Lt. (Capt) James Cook charts of NZ?

Updated: Nov 27

Heritage Charts are currently researching, and about to publish, some quite unique and extremely rare Cook material from his first voyage to New Zealand in 1769.. These charts form the basis for every ‘published’ Cook chart. These two (North and South) are themselves copied directly from Cook’s own chart. Many of the features and land-falls differ from the later published material.


And South…


The British Hydrographic Office under it’s 2nd director (Hydrographer to the Admiralty), Capt. Thomas Hurd, published a derrivative of this chart as one of the first ever ‘official’ publications by that office in 1816.

Have you ever wondered what Cook’s own work looked like: well this is an example… and yes, Heritage Charts will be releasing this amazing chart (or is it a ‘survey’?) very soon…. complete with blotches and dodgy Cook handwriting and spelling! Yes the real thing does actually look as though it went down with the ship and was dried out over the barbecue!


Anyway, that’s about it for now but there will be more soon. Keep in touch and watch this space.