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New – Pre American Civil War map of Long Island, New York and Connecticut c1836

We are very excited to have in our collection an important map of  ‘Long Island with the Evirons of New York and the Southern part of Connecticut’. Although it is slightly outside of our normal remit - its American, not British, and it is early-mid 19th Century - we still love it.

The map represents an important slice of American heritage and what makes the map especially rare and important, quite apart from the fantastic quality of image, is the date;  The original of this map was produced in 1836.  Not only is that 25 years prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861 but it is a very early edition of a map produced by J.H. Colton the famous NY publisher. 

It predates all editions of the same map currently held by The New York Public Library..…and a multitude of Antiquarian Map dealers… 

The map was originally produced and published on 4 seperate sheets which we have stitched together to make up the whole image.  Perhaps the most stiking aspect of the map is the picture and detail the map offers of the development of an industrial network and city planning we can recognize today along with the infrastructure – roads, bridges, railways etc – upon which this area is now built. 

More detail on this map may be found on the Heritage Charts website (Click here)


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